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What We're Looking For…

There are many themes that seem to stand the test of time and others that follow trends based on the current state of the world. We also notice some subjects are more geographically focused, so what’s popular in your peer circle might not hold interest in other countries and cultures.

Our goal is to weed through the data, to present you with a comprehensive list of the current market’s winners and losers. Then use those findings to predict the general direction of future sales. It’s your choice to use all or some of this information to adjust your content to favor these trends.

It’s also important to note that we aim to diversify our gallery, never over stocking any particular subject. So, it is recommended that you check the gallery to ensure your content provides something unique. Similar content is easily lost in the scroll and won't perform well.

This list of suggestions is tweaked monthly to reflect any changes we see in the market. We hope this information is helpful. You are welcome to message us with any further questions.

Edgy & Fun

    • Photoshop Filters - Find that infusion of photo and illustration

    • Extreme Sports - Those cliffhanger shots that defy gravity

    • Abstract Macros - Nature magnified to reveal vibrant colors and patterns

    • Graffiti Art - Gritty, expressive and without borders


Relaxing & Neutral

    • Nature Snap Shots - This is a popular subject, so you’ll need something exceptional

    • Nurseries - Every parent wants their newborn’s room to be full of life and happiness

    • Impressionism - This style of painting really comes to life when printed floor to ceiling. Whether you’re collaborating with an artist, or you paint yourself, photograph and submit. Be sure to light properly, any shadows or glare will be rejected


General theme ideas that apply to corporate clients

    • Technology - Illustrate the many sides of modern advances

    • Concepts and Visual Metaphors - Go beyond the literal

    • Food and Beverages - Cuisines from around the world

    • Holiday & Seasonal Themes - Local festivities and customs

    • Production - The story of our everyday products; materials, fabrication, shipping, etc.

    • People Interacting - Human interaction is a constant in the world

    • Spirituality - The rich tapestry of the world's beliefs

    • Science - From the atom to the cosmos, both real life and science fiction

    • Social Issues - Poignant looks into the issues that impact us

    • Sports: - For fun, fitness or the gold metal

    • Biology - Health care from head to toe


Content NOT needed

    • Basic 3D Renders - Go beyond the easy and obvious presets

    • Airplane Wings - Pics from your window seat won’t fly here

    • Flags - vector or photo, give us something more than the basic flag

    • People Doing Nothing - There needs to be a theme or creative aspect

    • Black & White - We will convert most color images to Black & White and Sepia. So, unless you prefer just B&W, try to avoid as it limits the customer’s options.

    • Sunsets, Cloudscapes, Skies - Be sure the sky really is stunning before uploading.

    • Selfies - Anything that looks like you flipped the screen

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